Ignou Student Zone Grade Card

Ignou Student Zone Grade Card

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was set up in September 1985 by an Act of Parliament so as to democratize training with the goal that it covers huge portions of populace, livelihoods, and callings. The important accentuation is on improvement, adaptability, and cost-viability. In this manner, the IGNOU student zone is a college with a distinction.

Highlights or Features of IGNOU University.

•Democratizing refined teaching by taking it to the doorsteps of the students

•Providing access to great instruction to every one of the individuals who look for it independent old enough, area, religion, and sexual orientation

•Offering need-based scholastic projects by giving proficient and professional direction to the courses

•Promoting and creating separation instruction in India

•Setting and keeping up guidelines in separation training in the nation as a pinnacle body

Scholastic Programs IN IGNOU

Ignou student zone offers both present moment and long haul programs prompting Certificates, Diplomas, Advance recognitions, Degree, and Degrees, which are regular just as imaginative. The majority of these projects have been created after an underlying review of the interest for such Programs. They are propelled so as to satisfy the students’ requirements for:


2.Improvement of abilities

3.Acquisition of expert capabilities

4. Proceeding with instruction and expert improvement ththe eat thee working environment


6.Diversification and updation of information



Learning material provided by the IGNOU Student zone is exceptionally arranged by groups of specialists drawn from various Universities and particular Institutions in the territory spread all through the nation just as in-house staff.

The material is investigated by the substance specialists, directed by the educators/unit fashioners, and altered by the language specialists at the IGNOU student zone before these are at long last sent for printing. Likewise, sound and videotapes are delivered in an interview with the course scholars, in-house staff, and makers.

The material is sawed and audited by the personnel just as outside specialists and altered/changed, any place essential before they are at long last dispatched to the understudies, Study Centers, and Telecast through Gyan Darshan.


So as to offer individualized help to its students, the University has an enormous number of Study Centers and IGNOU Student zones spread all through the nation. These Study Centers are co-ordinated by 67 Regional Centers and Recognized Regional Centers. At the Study Centers, the students collaborate with the Academic Counselors and different students, allude to books in the Library, watch/tune in to the video/sound projects and associate with the Coordinator on managerial and scholastic issues.

The rundown of Regional Centers is given in this Prospectus. Bolster administrations are additionally given through Work Centers, Program Study Centers, Skill Development Centers, and Special Study Centers.


The arrangement of assessment in IGNOU is additionally unique in relation to that of ordinary colleges. IGNOU Student Zone has a multi-level arrangement of assessment.

•Self-appraisal practices inside every unit of study.

The constant assessment mostly through tasks which are guide checked, useful tasks, and course/workshops/expanded contact programs.

•Task/Practical work

The assessment of students relies on different instructional exercises attempted by the IGNOU Student Zone. A student who needs to compose task reactions mandatorily before setting aside term-end assessment effort to time to finish a scholastic program. A student needs to submit TMA reactions to the Coordinator of the Study Center worried about which she/he is connected. A student should keep copy duplicates of task reactions of TMA submitted to Study Centers that might be required to be delivered at the Student Evaluation Division on request. The term-end assessment is led at different assessment places spread everywhere throughout the nation and abroad in June and December consistently.

Ignou Student Zone Grade Card


The Forms for admission into IGNOU can be delivered online(except for International Students) through Online Admission System at http://onlineadmission.ignou.ac.in. At present, the office is accessible for the projects offered through Common Prospectus with the exception of legitimacy based and entrance test based projects. The imminent students are required to make their client ID and secret word for signing in the framework and transfer the necessary archives alongside the accommodation of the Admission Form


To conclude, it can be said that IGNOU is a trusted and authorize government separation training college. It is a focal college. Therefore, a separation training degree from IGNOU is equal to a certain extent allowed by any certified college in India. Ignou Student Zone Grade Card keep in touch for more.