IGNOU Assignment Front Page (format and Complete Guide )

ignou assignment front page pdf

Welcome to IGNOU Jugaad, we were getting a lot of queries regarding the IGNOU Assignment front page pdf, so in this post, we will provide you with IGNOU All courses assignment front page format and the main points on how you can make this IGNOU assignment front page on your own.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) provides students with a lot of graduation and post-graduation Courses. Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the best universities providing countless courses in various streams for School pass-outs.

Students from all over the world persue different Graduation and Post Graduation Courses from IGNOU,  Students take the courses from University very seriously.

IGNOU provides a lot of distance education as well as Open education programs which can be very benificial for the students, specially for the Disadvantaged sections of the society.

A lot of  universities don’t offer Such open courses and the one which offer these, IGNOU is the most trusted and Chosen of all.

Students can enroll them to various Different Courses after paying a nominal fees and complete their education.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is a distance learning national university. IGNOU provides numerous programs at Bachelor, Master, MPhil, and PhD degrees.

The applications offered at IGNOU have been in Humanities & Social Sciences, Science, Teaching & Education, Engineering, Business & Management Studies, Medicine & Health Sciences, IT & Computer Software, Law, Mass Communication & Media, Hospitality & Travel, Arts (Fine/ Visual/Performing).

IGNOU Assignment Front Page PDF

download IGNOU Assignment Front Page editable version here

ignou assgnment front page pdf
IGNOU Assignment Front Page

IGNOU provied a 30 percent weightage to students for their IGNOU assignments. Many students don’t know how to complete the assginments and how to submit them where as most of you don’t know about the IGNOU Assignment Front Page.

There are some guidelines uploaded by the University on their official website that should be followed while writing the assignment.

There are different questions which have different word limits like 5 marks, 10 marks and 15 marks questions have a different word limit which may differ from subject to subject. This word limits must be followed so that the answer is clear.

The first page of the assignment plays very important. As we know that “first impression is the last impression” the front page of the assignment should be very clear and good looking as well as should carry all the imformation in a proper format.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page must be attractive and at the same time it must follow the format prescribed by the University. Here we have provided you some guidelines that will help you to make your first page of the assignment exactly like the format issued by the University on its official website

“when ever you submit the assignmnet make sure to attach thi page at the front fo your assignmnet and keep in mind doing this for all subjects “

IGNOU Assignment Front Page

The first page must include the following information:-

  • Name
  • Roll number
  • Address
  • Assignment number
  • Name of the course
  • Study Centre
  • Date of submission

If you follow these steps in you IGNOU Assignment Front Page format there are very less chances of your assignment getting lost or misplaced.

If you lose the IGNOU assignment in any case you will not be given extra time to complete it and this can result in low grades. So don’t take any chances and follow the Guidelines as it is to increase you marks.

The assignment should be written and submitted on an A4 size sheet and should be written by hand by the students in any course. The answers can be written on both sides of the paper.

while writing the answers you can also write Question numbers instead of the complete questions, but we recomment you writiing the complete question and then the answer as it help in better understanding.

some Frequently asked Question:-

Are IGNOU certificate courses worth doing?

IGNOU is the best distance education university in India. Probably, it is one of the biggest distance education univeristy in asia with more than 4 million students. It offers 226 academic programmes.

UPSC aspirants use IGNOU study materials for the preparations. These tit- bits of stats must have answered your doubt. You can, without doubts, pursue any course according to your choice. Let me tell you one last thing that you will have to study to pass their exams as well.

How do I take admission in a certificate course in IGNOU?

visit the Programmes section on IGNOU website link

If you meet the eligibility criteria, the admissions are open in two cycles- the January Cycle and July Cycle. As of now, the admissions are taking place for the July Cycle.

There are basically two ways to take admission in Certificate course at IGNOU

  1. visit the nearest IGNOU regional Center, with all your Original documents along with their photocopy. Buy a registration form, fill that and you are done. Along with your documents, you will need to have a Demand Draft made, in the name of IGNOU, of the amount of the first year of the course( in case of certification, the whole fees). If everything goes normal, you will receive your IGNOU Student Card within a few days.
  2. Now, IGNOU has also started online admissions. Just go to this link and follow the instructions. Here’s the link: IGNOU Online Admission.

What should I do after taking online admission in IGNOU?

After taking admission in IGNOU, you will receive a confirmation email and SMS on your registered email and mobile number. Afterward, you should wait for a few days then you will get some information from the regional center. You will have to attend the meeting as it is compulsory.

Afterwards, you will receive a letter or mail or SMS from your Regional Centre regarding classes for the subject you have opted. Attend the classes and write IGNOU assignments. now you need to submit your assignments to your Study Centre before the last date of submission.

After that you need to fill your examination form online and get ready to face the last and fatal blow that’s the examination.

Here we provide you all information regarding Ignou updates. Kindly Keep in touch with us for more future updates. If you have any query drop your comment in the comment box below!

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